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U.S. State Park travel Guides

We love visiting the state parks of the U.S.! Check out our blogs below for your next camping trip. 


State Parks are like the best-kept secrets of the U.S., where you can connect with nature and truly vibe with the beautiful scenery. Each park has its own unique charm, from breathtaking waterfalls to epic hiking trails. Trust me, it’s a must on your travel bucket list to visit some of these parks!


FAQ's About Traveling To A U.S. State Park

Which U.S. State Park is best for traveling with kids under 10?

One of the best U.S. State Parks to visit with kids under 10 would be the Custer State Park in South Dakota. This park offers a variety of kid-friendly activities such as wildlife spotting (including bison and pronghorns), fishing, swimming, and paddle boating. There’s also the popular Wildlife Loop Road for a family-friendly car tour. Additionally, it’s located near Mount Rushmore and the Crazy Horse Memorial, both of which can be educational and fun for children to explore. Remember to always keep a close eye on young children while visiting any park to ensure their safety.

Which U.S. State Park is best for people over 60?

The Rocky Neck State Park in Connecticut is an excellent choice for people over 60. The park features gentle hiking trails, beautiful beaches, and picnic areas that are easily accessible. The park’s nature center offers educational programming about the local ecosystem, and bird-watching opportunities are plentiful. The park is also located near quaint New England towns, providing options for dining, shopping, and exploring local history. Always, regardless of age, remember to consider individual mobility and health conditions when planning park activities.